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    Jiveon.com blocked as a social networking site


      There's a similar question on this that I tried to reply to, but was getting "Please select an environment" errors, so I'm making a new question...


      We are currently in our initial trial of Jive, and are using the hosted version.  We have employees of our company who are working on an air force base, and although they can get to many Internet sites, they are blocked from jiveon.com. (They are also blocked from Facebook and Twitter, by the way.)  This is a big issue for us, and will keep us from moving forward on a purchase if we can't find a way to resolve it.


      I wondered if it's just the domain that is the problem, and if we could use a custom URL. According to this community post, however, it doesn't seem that's feasible.  Any other ideas?  We really can't tell the Air Force what they should and should not block.

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          Hi Nate,


          I've moved your question into the (Archived) Jive for Teams space, where our jiveon.com team can answer your question. We'll have an answer posted shortly!

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            Hi Nate, thanks for posting as well. I remember Matt bringing this up when we connected last on the phone specific to this team at the air force base. I'm not sure if a new URL would help as it might be blocked as well. The base should have their own technical team who could whitelist this domain for access.


            This really comes down to the base itself and what they will allow. I will reach out to some internal resources as well to get their take and also see how our current government clients use this themselves.


            Olivia Teich or Ben Cheung, any thoughts on the above question?

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              Hi Nate - I wanted to follow up with some further feedback.


              I reached out and connected with our government account manager specific to how this has worked for him in the past since we have Jive instances being used at military bases and the like right now. He let me know that each base will always have their own IT team and policies specific to websites/black listing,etc. However, it should be easy to submit a request for access with this team and let them know that what is trying to be accessed is for a professional/business function (and not something like Facebook).


              Please let me know how this works for your team.



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                  Many sites maintain their own whitelist of sites. Often any new domain will be blacklisted by default until someone requests for access to be allowed. In such cases, changing the domain to another new one does not help. The first step here is to make the request to IT a that base. Please let us know though if they have a different policy in place and there is something we can do to help here!

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                  I just wanted to follow up and close the loop specific to this question.


                  Nate and I were able to connect and while we don't yet know for sure of the final decision, his team will be reaching out to the IT department on this specific air force base to request access to Jive since it is a business platform and not a consumer social tool. Looking forward to hearing back from them soon.