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    How to Share Content to a Group or Place

    John Schwiller

      I'm just searching for solutions to some issues for some of my teams (it's what I do in my day job).


      In Five how would you go about sharing a piece of content with all those users with access to a place or an access group?


      Clearly you can share it to a dynamic bunch of people (if you dont forget some of them ), and they can then have a discussion around the share which is a bit 'ethereal' - if I can call it that as it's not 'in' a place   We've touched on how cool it would be if that discussion could be 'staked down' into the community early last week [citation needed].


      But I think I'm feeling that it would be useful to share into a place? Does this resonate? How would you go about this - and I think I want something slicker than navigating to the place and creating a new discussion or document with a link.


      Quite a bit of the code for this already exists (?) in JSME where you sit on a 'hit' and push it out to a place which is pretty awesome if you haven't used it.   

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          Ryan Rutan

          One way that you can do this (allbeit it is indirect) is to do an @mention to the group ... this will appear on the Groups Recent Activity.


          It would be nice, if Jive were to add a feature that allowed users to indicate if they wanted to receive @mentions notifications for groups they participate in?  Even better ... would be to allow this to be configured on a group by group level.


          Wait a minute ... =)

          Send as Email - Both Groups and Users


          Also, thought I'd make ...

          User Configurable option for @mention notifications for Places


          Maybe this is a step in the right direction?  Hope so. =)

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              for an @mention of a group, it seems that users who have email notifications for that group do not receive an email of the @mention even though the @mention appears in the recent activity.


              is that a bug?

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                  John Schwiller

                  Confirm this is happening to me on 5.0.1 - for example create an SU and @mention a group. My reading of why this doesn't trigger an email, assuming when you say the user has set to receive email you mean on the group's Action Menu (rather than setting to Follow the group and set to receive emails from their followed stream) is that the SU is not treated as content created in the group - SU's 'exist' at the root level. Although there are ideas out there for SUs that can be targeted at a place.


                  I also tried @mentioning the group in a personal document, that also appears in the group Recent Activity but doesn't trigger an email.


                  My guess is that this wouldn't be accepted as a bug and would require an idea and a few hundred votes to get it on PM's radar. Personally we don't use email notifications that much since 5.0 so I don't think I'm that worried about how it is currently working - although I can see that some people would want it.

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                      Just a few days back I had done a SU on JC talking exactly about this. From where I see, this would be extremely useful for ensuring cross-pollination of content between various groups/spaces. And of course more so, for folks who have a fairly large section of their user base using email notifications. I really wish the idea Ryan has shared in his post above which is over 6 months old now comes to see the day of light. That would be a big plus for us and I'm sure many of Jive's customers.


                      Are there any updates from Jive on this particular feature since last year? Don't really see this as major feature update, probably an extension to getting email notifications. For each @mention of the place, the users who are following/tracking/subscribed to email need to get an email notification about it.

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                  John Schwiller

                  BTW I still want this Share to a Place functionality. My use case is I JA'd content into a widely public group and I now want to get the same content into a secret group. My choice is to re-JA it into the secret group but this will loose the benefit of the members of the secret group seeing any threaded discussion around the content.


                  No, what I really do want is to share it into the secret group. nufsaid

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                    This document describes how to use the SHARE facility to share to Places - Sneak Peek: Deep Dive for Sharing to Multiple Places


                    This is available in Jive Cloud.