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    Answered Questions regarding Streams, Recommended Content & Announcements in Jive 5

      I asked these questions in my private support area after our Jive Express upgrade to Jive 5. Jenny Mayo quickly provided the answers, which I want to share so others can benefit. (Jenny's answers are in large green text below)


      1. New Streams - can't follow tags? 
        • We previously used tag widgets to follow certain content. One was following 'important' tags and was the one spot everyone knew to check to see what they should really be looking at.
        • It appears that when adding a new stream in Jive 5, only a place or person can be followed? Is there a way to create a new stream to follow a tag, or do we have to create a place and then follow that place?
        • What I'm trying to avoid is what we were directed to avoid during our initial Jive setup last year: having too many compartmentalized spaces for stuff. We have emphasized tags as a way to get content to the right people.
        • If I direct people to put a sales discussion in a Sales group or space, but the content also pertains to Manufacturing, what is a new best-practice to ensure that people in both departments will see the information?
        • you are correct in that only people/places/content can be followed.
        • We have introduced @ mentioning of places as well. I recommend having them, for example, putting a discussion in Sales but then within the text, @ mentioning the Manufacturing space (or group). That content will then show up in the streams for both containers (and anyone who is following either of those places will see the update in their activity stream)
      2. Recommended Content  
        • Can I force something into Recommended Content, or this always auto-generated?
        • you can predefine recommendations from the admin console. Go to System, then Settings, and you'll see "Recommendations" toward the bottom of the list. Enter the URL for the piece of content you want to recommend.
        • NOTE: when I performed the steps above, my own Recommended Content did not display the post I added. However, I logged in as another user and the post was indeed at the top of Recommended Content. Very handy!
      3. Announcements  
        • I think I found the answer to this on another thread, but wanted to verify. If there is an important company announcement that I'd like to display in Jive, I would previously create an announcement and a yellow bar would appear at the top of everyone's feed so they were constantly reminded of it.
        • From what I've read in the Jive Community, an announcement bar will show only if I use the widgetized home page.
        • Besides having staff receive the announcement in their inbox along with everything else, is there not a way to ensure that a critical announcement can appear at the top of the home page feed? Maybe as a "sticky" note?
        • system-wide announcements will only appear on the "Overview" page (if you have that enabled), as well as in each user's inbox. There is not a way to publish banner announcements at the top of users' streams. However, announcements appearing as an unread item in each user's inbox is often a more effective way to be sure everyone sees them.
        • Re: Answered Questions regarding Streams, Recommended Content & Announcements in Jive 5

          Hi Natalie,


          1.  New Streams (adding a new stream is a function of Jive 6 and you can only add people, content and places to streams)

          If you are looking to "follow" a tag you can use the "Watch A Tag" widget that will show you all content, places and people that are tagged with that tag. 

          If you have content that works "cross space" (your example was space content that also is manufacturing then my recommendation is to choose the best space for that content (if it's about Sales in Manufacturing then I'd choose the Sales space) and then use Categories or tags to further organize that content.  So if you have multiple industries that Sales covers I'd create categories for each of those.


          2.  Recommended Content

          Again, like Jenny Mayo stated this is in the admin console of Jive 6.


          3.  Announcements

          Even without the Home Page (Jive 5) or Overview (Jive 6) the announcement should still filter into the Inbox for each user and if they have emails notifications turned on they will get notified.