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    Tags: 'Create' or 'Use'


      Three screengrabs of adding a tag to a doc as they appeared in this order.


      In the first, 'search' seems to mean 'get at' existing tags and 'create' means make a new one that doesn't yet exist.


      Extending this logic, in the second we seem to be told that there isn't yet a tag 'jive' but there is one 'jiveon' (in fact there is one for 'jive' but see below)


      In the third we are now told that there is no existing tag for 'jiveon' - which is strange because there was one a second ago.


      I'm unsure what 'create' in the second and third pics means. Is it saying that that tag doesn't exist or is it asking "do you want to add this tag to your doc?" Is this a failure to identify that a tag exists in the system? Would the verb 'use' be better than 'create'?


      I'm confused being asked to create a tag that I know already exists because I use it regularly - it stops me dead in my tracks because I think I have made a typo.




      create tag not use.jpg

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          Hi John,


          My experience has been that it doesn't work consistently:

          • When a tag doesn't already exist, sometimes you get the option to create a new tag, sometimes you don't
          • Sometimes a tag exists, yet it still gives you the option to create that tag
          • Sometimes it won't give you the option to create OR suggest an existing tag


          It is just something I've lived with and not taken the time to report as a bug (or see if they are already aware of it). I KNOW this was a known issue in 4.5. It is better now, but not perfect, so perhaps that is why I've let it go - assumed since support knew before that it was an issue, they must surely still know it is a problem. Maybe not? 

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              Thanks Tracy


              :Olivia Teich Ryan Rutan (if he can tear himself away from JA ) any thoughts on this please - including I'm just being a picky old grinch...

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                  I suspect that what you're seeing here is something we are trying to improve, which is the effect of a race condition created with fast typing and time for requests to hit search and come back. For example, 1 character might have been submitted to search, for which it returns results, but you've since typed 3 more characters, and the results haven't yet updated to show the results that match all 4 characters. This is an issue with @mentioning (though I may not be explaining it perfectly) as well. Not a great answer, since we haven't yet fully solved this, but it is something we're trying to resolve.

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                Seeing this as an issue with one of our more popular tags in our community. It is a 9-character tag, and no matter how fast or slowly we type, it always asks to be created. There are a number of variations that it recognizes are already created, but this specific tag it asks to be created each time.


                Any updates?