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    Recent UI Changes


      It looks like there has been an upgrade recently - for example the Create Menu now has content and containers on one page.


      Is there a full list of changes and fixes we can see please?

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          Hi John,


          The recent update was actually a patch release and not a feature focused one. You may have noticed a few tweaks though which include a reorganization of the create menu so everything is listed on a single view and a slight change of some vocabulary on the trial menu related to our "quests". Not sure if there is a publicly facing list of the backend updates. Olivia Teich?

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              Hi BV


              Have noticed the removal of username and the warning about it being keyed off the email address. If there was a list it would be nice to see

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                  Adam Mertz

                  Hey John,

                  In addition to what you've pointed out here are some additional minor enhancements you may or may not have already noticed -

                  • On the Upload File page, the styling is modified to emphasize the file browse option over drag and drop
                  • In the Create menu, Create Places options are moved into the initial view and the second tab in this menu has been removed.
                  • Reduce latency in "did you mean" search suggestions.
                  • Following a person from a Relationship Notification now automatically follows them in your Connection Stream.
                  • Bridging web services are now enabled by default.
                  • When editing a System Blog, it is now possible to add users while in Edit mode.
                  • Prospects and customers can now manage the whitelist themselves in the Admin Console.