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    What custom fields did you add to your Employee Profile?

      I'm interested in benchmarking with others to see what you've added as custom fields to your Employee Profile.  Please share, and also provide rationale for items which might not be intuitively obvious.  Appreciate learning from your experiences

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          Hi Gary,


          we just started with Jive SBS and still 'evolve' in that respect. However, we addede a few fields and disabled others.



          • language - we have many people speaking a second or third language working for the company and we have customers all over the world. Hence having quick and easy access to somebody who can talk to a customer in his native language or translate a document is important for us.
          • location - this is not a single field but divided into 'building' and 'region' helping staff to identify where on the campus someone actually is or in which timezone. We have offices in all continents.
          • phone numbers - still experimenting with this to cover extensions, DDIs, and multiple mobile numbers



          • home address and home phone - for privacy reasons




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            Custom fields at Manheim (all are optional):


            What I do at Manheim    
            Location Name (It's so important that we really want to add this to the Profile pop-up)
            You Can Ask Me About    
            Birthday (Month/Day)    
            Supervisor Name
            Alternate Contact - Name    
            Alternate Contact - Relationship to Employee    
            My Time Zone    
            Twitter ID    
            Manheim Work Experience    
            Other Work Experience    
            Education - College    
            Education - College Degree    
            Education - College Completion Date    
            Education - High School    
            Cox/Manheim Training - Course    
            Prof Training - Course    
            Significant Special Projects    
            Prof Membership / Positions Held    
            Honors & Awards    
            Career Aspirations    
            Community Involvement    
            Hobbies and Interests    
            Favorite Quotes