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    Full Sys Admin Access


      Whilst I recognise that I may not be typical of J4T Full Access admins, in that I have run 5.0+ sandboxes and therefore know a bit about settings that are present but not exposed to us in J4T, can you share with us the decision criteria on what is and is not exposed to us - perhaps because it is deemed that by allowing us to alter those setting we might 'break the instance'.


      I am conscious that my knowledge of what is possible, and what I can't get at, is actually generating Support tickets where I might otherwise have done these trivial (?) changes myself. At least could we not have read-only access to (some or all of) these settings?


      Some recent examples: changing the allowable invites per 24 hours, changing the doc diff size limit, the attachment size limit but I'm sure there were loads more.     

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          we happen to have the exact same questions and doubts. Can anyone from Jive provide some feedback on this?

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              Let me reach out to the Product Management and see what we can do.  We've been working close with John to try and map/gap these expectations.  As this audience continues to grow, we can look to creating a private group for transitioning customers to take in this feedback and find the common threads.  Feel free to reach out to me personally in the mean time with any questions/concerns.  You should now be able to DM me in the community. =)


              Note:  Given holiday schedules, it is most likely this conversation will not gain any traction until next week, just wanted to set the expectation up front.

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              First, let me say up front that we are continuing to refine both default settings for various aspects of Jive for Teams, as well as what administrative capabilities are exposed, and I continue to welcome your feedback on both.


              We have a number of goals working in concert here:

              • Ease and simplicity, particularly for the typical Jive for Teams Admin (most of whom won't have your knowledge or level of expertise). Part of this comes through getting to the right defaults so that admins never have to think about or become aware of many of these settings.
              • Solution fit: some settings (like registration) are fixed because they are deeply tied into the nature of the particular solution. We will be continuing to evolve and expand these solutions over time.
              • Supportability on Jive Cloud, at scale and via SaaS delivery, so that we can continue to serve teams who haven't been able to use Jive in the past.
              • Agility for rapid improvement: each configuration option exposed expands the testing matrix for each release at a time when we all most want to be able to both continue to innovate and react quickly to feedback.


              Ultimately, given more time and resources, I would have liked to have launched Jive for Teams with an entirely different management interface designed specifically for this solution. I suspect, had the admin interface looked much different from what you're familiar with from the packaged versions (along with optimal defaults, etc.) this transition might actually be easier. It's something we may still do in the future, with the benefit of all that we're learning together in these early days about what settings really do need to remain variably configurable.


              I do appreciate your feedback, and please do continue to share your needs and use cases or changes to specific settings so that we can better optimize the defaults or get these exposed in a future release.

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                  Hi Olivia,

                  many thanks for reaching out to me. Really appreciated. I have always loved Jive (brought it to Italy at the beginning of 2008) and I've been positively impressed by the possibility to have it on smaller groups at a reasonable price.


                  There a few things that I would change to make it easier for Jive and its users:


                  • Communicating better what Jive4Teams is and what it is not both philosophically and in terms of functionality. It could a one pager for those already using Jive on premise and some broader messages for all the others. I feel such information is currently missing generating a bit of confusion
                  • Letting a bit more flexibility. For example letting admins set the size of file uploads. This is the single most important control we are missing in the first few weeks.
                  • As a said in other discussions, there is one more fundamental thing missing. A thing that is introducing significant barriers of adoption and use: the Recent Activity widget (really don't know why) is recursive in home (correct!) but it is not in subspaces (you only see the activity in that space not in subspaces). As an exception the widget is apparently showing what happens in projects inside the space (projects could be somewhat seen as subentities). We tried in anyway to replicate the most natural behavior (Recent activity widget showing everything happens in the space and all its subspaces, projects, etc).


                  I'm sure there are so many reasons behind the scene I don't know of and that you cannot tweak things for every single customer but I hope you can see the value of these points for a lot of customers at the same time.


                  Thanks for your time. Let's keep this channel open

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                  From the specific examples referenced here, what would you like the default settings for these to be?

                  1. allowable invites per 24 hours
                  2. doc diff size limit
                  3. attachment size limit
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                    Another set a features I'd like "re-exposed" in the Teams version that we have in the Full version is around user registration.  We can't currently set things like turning off self-registration and user approval/moderation.  We had Support turn off self-registration for us once, but apparently there is a scheduled job that turns it back on (?).   We were able to have them turn on user approval, but these kinds of controls should be available to the customer. 

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                        I think, if I understand Jive's view correctly, this is about not giving 'special rights' to the first team that 'comes along' to start a trial where those same rights aren't available to the second or third team that discover the URL. So their view is (or was) that the first team must not be allowed to lock down further use by other teams who have to have equal rights. They are not considered site admins in the way we understand.


                        That doesn't work for me in a large organisation where we need governance but it's what I understand from discussions about these issues. I hope this will change or at least that there will be a 'mode' that works for a previous Jive user that might not be the standard for a new Jive customer.