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    Has anyone pulled together detailed documentation on the Analytics Data Warehouse?


      We are in the middle of a pilot of Jive 4.5.6 and have access to the daily download of the Analytics database. Here is the high level of what we are doing with it and some help we need.:


      1. We download the database export from the Jive Cloud Admin site.
      2. We import the database into a local Postgres database. (We downloaded and installed Postgres on our end.)
      3. We connect Microsoft Access 2007 to the Postgres database.
      4. We built out (based on our understanding) the relationships between the tables that have the key data we want to explore.
      5. We run a query to pull the data from Access into Excel 2007.
      6. Within Excel, we then create a number of Pivot Tables and Charts to analyze the data.


      This is all working okay, but I do not have the detailed explanations of some of the data. I have reviewed the database schema in the development community, but it is not detailed enough.



      Jive asked their development team to get more information, but it has been slow going and I don't know when I will hear back. I figured I'd ping the community and see if anyone has already done some of this.


      What I'd love to get:

      1. A full entity relationship diagram of the analytics data warehouse.
      2. A more detailed data dictionary of the analytics data warehouse.


      Thanks for any insight or help!