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    Need a special report to support Customer Service


      We are planning to use our jive instance for internal customer service/support.  This will be replacing an email application.

      I have near complete buy-in from the required business sponsors/mgmt; however there is one objection.

      The old email support workflow had a way for mgmt to view the categories (systems) listed in the support emails, and which person handled each item.

      This gave mgmt the ability to look at a particular employee and know the amount of support request they handled and the system listed on each request.

      We are planning to use tags in our new jive support workflow to identify the systems/applications related to each support discussion.


      To completely replace the old functionality and obtain the full support of mgmt for this change, I need a report which will show the tags along with member data and activity.


      Username, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Activity Date, Container Name, Activity Type, Object Type, Tags on the activity (critical), Activity Title(not critical), Activity Body(not critical)


      In advance thank you for your Support! I am confident that this internal change will lead to a external facing Customer Service solution.



      Gia Lyons Curtis Gross Dave Sullivan

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          Andres, are you tying your Jive instance to a CRM of any sort?

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            HI Andreas,


            Sorry for being slow on this thread (been out on vacation!).   I am hopeful that you can get this info from the Analytics data in Jive but I am afraid that I am not completely sure what you mean by a Tag on the Activity.  Do you mean that there is a tag on a question object and you want to associate that with the answering the questions?


            Also, while I am not sure he has tackled this exact scenario, I have been quite impressed with what Ryan Sefko has done around reporting for support use cases.  Perhaps you can learn from some of his practices.


            Bill Lynch



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                RyanSe Advanced

                Hi Andreas/Karl:


                While I don't have this exact scenario in production right now, we almost did go down this path so I have the theory worked out. Here's the basic concept based on the production application database (not analytics, but I am sure someone at Jive can help figure out the equivalent if it exists). If you like what you see, let me know and I can dig up the queries that go with it.


                1. Join jiveuser, jivequestion, jivecommunity (for spaces) and jiveanswer together to get your details on who answered which discussion in which space on what date and what sort of answer it was (helpful or correct).
                2. Join jivequestion, jiveobjecttag and jivetag together filtering results for whatever your key tags are.
                3. Merge the two results together so you get your who answered which question in what space on what date and what tags were applied. This data can then be pivoted and massaged in to all sorts of reports/summaries.


                A few best practices and suggestions about the business process:


                1. Make the tags really unique: Since end users can create their own tags, you probably want to avoid using common words that could skew your reporting. We use slightly longer tags for "system" things like 'answered_sales_procedure' that not very many folks would bother to type. These tags can always be converted over to more friendly text prior to the final report.
                2. Establish a solid procedure for answering then stick to it: I would suggest using the "Correct Answer" option vs. Helpful or Assumed since hopefully you are looking for a singular resolution to the question.
                3. Stick to one container type: Choose groups or spaces/topics but be consistent. This will make the reporting a lot easier since the unique IDs can overlap between jivecommunity and jivesgroup.


                Hope this helps!



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                  Good Morning Karl and Ryan!,

                  Sorry for the late reply.

                  Thank you for your posts!


                  Ryan, you have accurately described exactly what I need. It looks like you have been down this road!


                  I will attempt to create this report per your description.



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                      RyanSe Advanced

                      Here's the query to get the details of who asked and answered the question (based on userid). Best of luck getting your system set up.


                      select question.threadid, answer.messageid, question.userid as "Asker", answer.userid as "Answerer",to_timestamp(question.creationdate/1000) as "creationdate",to_timestamp(question.resolutiondate/1000) as "resolutiondate", question.resolutionstate,answer.helpfulanswer,answer.correctanswer

                      from jivequestion question

                      left join jiveanswer answer on answer.threadid = question.threadid

                      order by question.threadid asc