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    Quick Tip: you don't need Full Access to Manage Social Groups

      Awhile back, John Schwiller asked about permission in Jive for Teams to manage someone else's social group to fix their layout and typos. We just got the related question of how to manage a group owned by someone who left the company. There's an easy answer here that I myself had overlooked earlier:


      With Manage Community permissions (your default as an admin in Jive for Teams), you can grant Manage Social Groups permission. This will let any user with that permission (including yourself, if you grant it), manage any social group that user can see, including the settings and overview page. To apply this permission, go to Permissions > Social Group Permissions > edit > √ Manage social groups.


      The nice thing about this approach vs. Full Access is that it only applies to places the user can normally see, and therefore doesn't violate any private expectations or pose security risks if full access is granted to someone who should't be authorized.


      The Manage Social Groups permission is not granted to the Jive for Teams admin by default today. This encourages people to use direct communication with the actual group owner when a need arises rather than just stepping in without thinking about the impression that makes on the actual owner (good), but when that's not possible, it's not at all intuitive how the admin can step in without explicit permission from the owner. Thoughts on which is the right default?