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    External Groups and Supporting Features


      Just thinking ahead to how we will uses external groups, for example in a sales engagement.


      Currently prospects benefit from seeing community vitality across the whole site. With external groups I can see we will have to focus much more on getting employees to be 'very' active in the external group - as that's all the prospect will see.


      Additionally we often reference content wherever it sits on the platform, for example I have a page with three Gartner MQs that I link to from wherever. External groups will stress the need for such content to either a) be surfaced in multiple groups (I know there are lots of problems around this) or b) as an interim, for the copy content mechanism to be provided - ie go to the master, make a copy and then move it into the external group.


      I'm sure some of this will be on the roadmap but what 'extra' facilities will be provided on day 1 to ensure that external groups don't create more problems than they solve?

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          Hey John! Hope you've been well.


          You bring up some good points and thoughts around External groups. The idea for these groups are to have a more private place for collaboration with your prospects, partners, clients, vendors, etc. For example sales engagement could include private pricing schedules, statements of work and Powerpoint decks that were specially tailored for that client. This gives everyone involved the visibility that they need for everything related to that engagement. It's a new way to move these discussions and pieces of content out of email and into a private and personalized social group. Very similar benefits to how internal users have been able to eliminate email. Now Jive Cloud users can start seeing those same benefits for the amount of external emails they send out.


          There will always be a need for private content between parties as well as a need for public content like our Jive Community. Remember, there are still private groups that are created today and I haven't found those to hinder engagement in external communities but I understand your thoughts that it might. I believe our new feature of External groups will solve more problems than they will create for sure. Glad you're thinking about potential issues and I'll be sure to let our Product Management team know your concerns.


          Always good to hear from ya John!



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              Thanks Justin


              I've been thinking a bit more about this today on the weekend, too keen to see it on Preview Jive and then mid-Aug...


              So, for example we have a Getting Started group with 100 Quickstart Guides, Hints and Tips, How Tos etc. Accepting that the new 'cappuccino' Get Started might remove the need for that group entirely at the moment both employees and external users would need access to that - we wouldn't want to have to create all that in each external group.


              So my understanding is that in addition to the 'walled gardens' external groups holding the confidential stuff for EXT-x partners, we'd switch the existing 'Getting Started' group over to being an external group so that external users in EXT-A and EXT-B - can all see the content in 'Getting Started'. But of course that musn't drive a hole through the Chinese Wall that keeps EXT-A users apart from EXT-B users... and as I think about this... I 'know' the answer is going to be - nope we cant do that.You'll say 'Getting Started' is a group and all users are equal and able to write to it so will see each other.


              So that makes me think that I'm going to have to manually clone all the training material or common stuff into each External Group. I'm hoping you can tell me you've got a solution to this.. coz the more I think about it the more problems I'm thinking of. For example multiple copies of common content that then have to be manually updated.


              If this is roadmap stuff I hope it's a short road. I think we covered these issues with Kathryn when working up the requirements but it's a few months back and no time to go and look at all the spreadsheets.

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              Also remember, External Groups aren't designed to solve a true Partner Community. We have this option available via our Social Customer Service and Social Marketing/ Sales solutions. Generally, External groups in the next Jive cloud release are designed to be one-off groups for collaboration with external participants that will be "walled-off" from each other.


              John Schwiller, I think you make a valid point in the use case you're looking to solve. Right now, I would say the best answer we have is answered by one of our external Jive solutions. Our PMs are looking into this use case but it won't be part of the next release. Stay tuned!