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    Eloqua & Jive integrations


      Hello -- looking into connecting our Jive member info with Eloqua (start with the known & structured data to build profile data that can 1) be used for targeting 2) pass on the Sales s part of the profile/contact lead)


      are there any case studies or examples of this successfully?



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          HI. did you ever get an answer to this via an offline channel? Our mktg team uses eloqua and were asking about this.

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            We are moving fast now in this direction.  My apologies for missing the question a while back.  I'm on Jive's product marketing team and driving the charge here.  I'll make sure we connect on this topic directly in the near term.

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              I'm very interested in this as well. What is the status of this? Are you developing a cloud connector? We are looking to do pass information from Jive to Eloqua in order to pass information back & forth to SFDC. We would also like to utilize this as a method of account creation (so from SFDC to Eloqua back to JIVE).





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                  I too need this.  I'd like to be able to embed an eloqua contact us form that will pass lead information from jive to Eloqua to SFDC,  We have the eloqua to SFDC connection live and working on our website, but I'd also like to be able to capture lead data from within Jive (via eloqua) and have it submit through to SFDC,  I was told that an iframe of the lead capture form could go into HTML widgets, but there is uncertainty as to whether or not the submit function would work.  My community is going live in Sept/Oct and I'd like to have the functionality working at launch. 

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                  Has anyone tried Eloqua's Jive Community Activity Cloud Connector?


                  You can download the connector here:

                  Jive Community Activity | Eloqua AppCloud | All the apps for Eloqua in the cloud!


                  There is not much detail on the data that is extracted from Jive. It would be great to hear from others that have gone down this path.







                  Eloqua's description of the connector:


                  Jive: Community User Query

                  Jive: Community User Query allows you to query Jive for all users who have visited a community within the past short while

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                      David, Gina, craighuff, peluso,


                      We are just starting to look into this and would greatly appreciate any feedback from you all on if you did it, how you did it, and suggestions for getting this off the ground!


                      Also, Adam Mertz ... any word from Jive?  We reached out to Eloqua who said that the app doesn't work on Jive 6.03 which is what we just upgraded to (Jive hosted).  Is that true?  If so, any insights into what is broken and when it will be fixed would be greatly appreciated.  Also any documentation you can point me to as well would be great. 


                      thanks all,