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    Possible to follow subspaces automatically when following a space?

    Benedikt Scheerer

      Forcing people to follow a space or to set this as a default mode (as it appears to be regarding groups), I wonder if it's that people get noticed in their Jive What matters about changes in Subspaces when following the main space.



      • Main Space = Department A Social Intranet Site
        • News as RSS feeds
        • Most recent activities
        • recent blogs
        • Various subspaces (Help and Support, Location A profile page, Location B profile page)


      Are users that are following the main space automatically following the various sub-spaces?

        • Re: Possible to follow subspaces automatically when following a space?
          Bruce Hoppe

          I just tested this on our hosted Jive 5 UAT pilot environment and here's what I found. (I.e., this is based on just enough Jive experience to be dangerous. I hope a real expert adds to this discussion.)


          Short answer: No. When you are following a space, you are not automatically following sub-spaces

          • When you look at those sub-spaces, the action button at top right will say "+Follow" and not "Following"
          • Content posted to those sub-spaces will not appear in your "Followed" activity stream


          With exception of content that you have authored

          • When you author anything in a subspace, then that content does show up in "Followed" activity stream
          • Replies, comments, etc., in response to content you authored in a space that you are not following do not show up in "Followed" activity stream


          It's entirely possible that this is configurable and what I am observing is just the way our environment has been set up.