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    Designate primary owner in a group or space?


      Hi all! Is there a way to designate a primary owner for a group or space in Jive?

      One thing I have run up against, both in our old platform and now in Jive, is that I can have more than one owner/admin per group or space. This can get frustrating when I need to reach out to people for different purposes. For example, one of the things I do twice a year is an inventory of sites, and for the "defunct" sites, I reach out to owners to see what help they need from me, or if I can remove their site. Problem is, with multiple owners listed, I sometimes spend my time chasing down the correct person with the authority to make a decision. This prolongs the process, and sometimes I never get any response (until I shut down their site, in which case I get a "hey! what happened to my site?" email. )


      Have any of you run into this as an issue? If so, how do you handle it?