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    How to use <script> tag as video embed code from a safe site?


      I'm trying to embed a video from <script> tag. I've reviewed the documentation that one can modify the allowed domain and then use a swf URL within <embed> tag:How to Embed a Flash Video


      However, its not useful for our customer use case scenario. I'm specifically looking for possibility of embedding the entire <script> tag as video embed code. The script controls access to content and returns the tags when appropriate. Does jive allows configuring marking <script> tags as safe for a particular domain/wildcard (*.domain.com)?


      I also read here about using a macro for "Configuring Video Sites to Allow": Jive Documentation Can we add a new macro for a new website?


      Example embed code:

      <SCRIPT type="text/javascript" src="http://sunnyside.vidavee.com/trial/trh/embedAsset.js?width=640.0&height=360.0&d=F006BFA0422B75E3D7BDD9AD43B4CF83&">