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    Jive and the enterprise online ecosystem

      I am an aspiring community manager at a company that is a couple weeks into a Jive 5 pilot. My team has responsibility for both employee-only and customer-facing communities; right now we are focused on employee-only. Like many of you, I need to reconcile our use case for Jive vs. several other enterprise collaboration systems that are already running. In our case these systems include:

      • Jive 5 (we hope this will provide space for virtually all discussion both inside the company and supporting our customers)
      • SharePoint 2010 (a heavily used jungle of files; employee-only; used mostly by non-programmers)
      • TWiki (another heavily used jungle of file attachments; employee-only; used mostly by our programmers)
      • Confluence (a new employee-only space for files, used by one large product team that already uses a different bug-tracking system than the rest of the company)
      • Drupal (a small and unique product team is about to build a customer-facing community with this; every other customer facing community we expect to build with Jive)


      Each one of the above 5 systems sits in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for social software in the enterprise. Our challenge is to understand if and how these systems (and their users!) can "play nice" with each other. Along those lines I have learned a lot from Re: Sharepoint 2010 vs Jive SBS and What systems/apps have you replaced with Jive?


      I don't think we are dropping any of the above 5 systems except maybe Drupal. So, given that we are using all 5 of them, I hope to understand

      • How to tease apart good distinctions between these systems, so that I can make informed decisions about "if user wants to do X, then the best tool to use is [Jive, SP, TWiki, Confluence, Drupal]." In the case of SharePoint and Jive, Danny Ryan et al provide a spectacular answer with the "Making SharePoint Social Whitepaper".
      • How to translate the above understanding (of which tools best serve what purposes) into actual user adoption. Again in the case of SharePoint and Jive, Andreas Olofstam inspires me with these 4 short slides.


      A simpler version of the above question is: Does anyone have good stories about co-existence of

      • Jive and Drupal
      • Jive and Confluence
      • Jive and TWiki


      And the most burning question for me is the co-existence of Jive and Drupal. Our core Jive team feels clear that Jive and Drupal are different tools for different jobs but we are having a hard time expressing that in layman's terms. I can easily find debates about Jive vs. Drupal but I am struggling to find sensible rationale for using both Jive and Drupal in a single enterprise ecosystem.


      I hope this question makes sense. Thanks for sharing your experiences and insights etc

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          There is a related discussion happening now: Can Chatter and Jive Co-Exist? FYI

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              Thanks, Bruce, you beat me to it (I was on vacation)! I think more and more Jive customers who use Salesforce are going to be facing the question of how to use Chatter and Jive effectively.

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                Dennis Pearce

                We just got on Jive 5 enterprise-wide at the beginning of this year.  We also have TWiki (like you, mostly used by our more techy R&D people) and we recently acquired a company that uses Confluence.  I don't know much about Confluence, but I would say that one big difference between Jive vs. Confluence and TWiki is that Jive, while great for fluid social collaboration, lacks a lot in terms of wiki capability vs. the other two.  In fact, they don't even use the word from what I can tell.  You get a single home page with each group, project, or space, but changes are restricted to the admins of that place.  You can make a Jive document editable by everyone so that it is in effect a simple wiki page, but there are no widgets, just rich text plus some image and video embedding capability.  You can't create wiki pages as children of other pages.

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                AppFusions is working closely with Jive on Atlassian integrations, being that of JIRA, Confluence, and the rest of the Atlassian suite. We will be demoing this at JiveWorld, and actually have a good part of the integrations already working. (We are also an Atlassian partner and have many other mixed system solutions).


                There really is not - and in my opinion - never will be a single system that meets all needs, desires, requirements, scales, and more, so integrations is the way to bring the best of many worlds, and also allow many user types and levels across the Enterprise to live harmoniously.


                Pipe dream? I do not think so.


                Jive has strengths that Confluence does not have. Confluence has strengths that Jive does not have. Allowing them to coexist for eaches strengths is not a bad thing. That is engagement, and engagement is productivity - and if nothing else, LESS EMAIL hopefully too!  And before these systems - it was not that long ago that we all were living on our private desktops ONLY!


                Please stop by and share thoughts on the integrations at JiveWorld12, or contact us to schedule a gotomeeting demo if inclined. ellen@appfusions.com

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                    Looking forward to a demo, Ellen!

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                      This gives us hope Ellen...I work with Bruce Hoppe and we have changed or priorities to researching how Jive, Confluence and JIRA work together. We are in the midst of a Jive pilot. Confluence and JIRA are being used by a small audience at our company and we are trying to wrap our heads around how they could work together to achieve both groups goal without having too much overlap in functionality, causing more confusion.

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                        Thanks Ellen Feaheny Dennis Pearce and Ted Hopton. Hearing about Atlassian is very timely. In the 3 weeks since my initial post, our co-existence strategizing has shifted away from Drupal and very much to Atlassian. A major group in our organization runs on JIRA (a group with acquisition story similar to Dennis Pearce), so

                        • We have to integrate our Jive instance with JIRA (and SharePoint) to be successful
                        • We are trying to figure out how Jive and Confluence relate to each other. Right now the choices seem to be
                          • Jive + JIRA without Confluence: We are not sure if we can meet needs of our JIRA-based group without Confluence
                          • Jive + JIRA + Confluence: We are not sure how to position Jive and Confluence so that users don't get confused by redundant functionality (remember we also have substantial SharePoint and TWiki too)


                        Ellen Feaheny I may take you up on your offer. Thanks! I need to loop in our JIRA users first.


                        Meanwhile I look forward to more posts here

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                            Bruce, we seem to be in almost exactly the same boat. I'd love to hear where your at in October, assuming you'll be at Jive World.


                            @Ellen, I'm also interested in seeing what you are up to with regard to Atlassian integration. My colleague Oliver Wahler sent you some feedback on the Jira app back in February or so. Have you all made (or are you planning) any changes since that time?

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                          I also like applying some of the following (3-year-old!) thread to this ecosystem discussion:Is/has anyone else considering/evaluating both Jive and IBM Connections?  In particular I like the part where Claire Lash and Claire Flanagan speak to letting larger business community own the functional requirements (starting around here Re: Is/has anyone else considering/evaluating both Jive and IBM Connections?). In our case, I am not sure if our larger business community has different sub-groups with different requirements. Hence -- to stretch the metaphor -- an "ecosystem" seems more likely than a "monocrop."

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                            Hey Bruce,

                            We have a drupal-based site that we integrate with Jive.  It's a site that existed prior to our jive engagement and showcases our work in a case study manner.  The way we integrate the experience is ..well, multi-dimensional. Our people have custom profile links to hook up their work so people can see the work they've done. Our global content is served multiple ways as rss feeds, or links or embedded content. Specific content per place (to use the Jive6 terms) is surfaced within Jive specifically per place as well.  Some of it is iFrame-able html widgets, some rich-content rss feeds.


                            Jive is definitely an ecosystem and our hub. We're integrating many internal sites (those things that require form-filling) and are planning on integrations with the entire atlassian stack, box.com, and other specialized systems.