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    Meeting Notes: Bay Area Jive User Group September 13, 2012


      Here are the meeting notes for the Bay Area Jive User Group meeting that was held at the LivePerson office in San Francisco, on Thursday, September 13, 2012.


      If you attended, please feel free to add your comments or questions.


      The Apollo Group


      Juniper Networks

      Jive Software







      Rohan Vaidya, Jive Corporate Sales Engineer, led off with a one-hour discussion of gamification on Jive.


      The idea of gamification in general is finding productive ways to apply game mechanics and logic to non-gaming activities. While some features exist in Jive 5, it is much more granular in Jive 6 -- for example, you can set it up so that users can respond to tasks or answer questions in a specific group.


      There is core functionality in Jive 6, but in addition there is the Bunchball Nitro module, which includes much more, such as team functionality, and it provides an Admin Console to configure, manage and monitor gamification features.


      Some discussion about the distinction between Groups and Teams and whether the latter is confusing -- i.e., joining Groups is really about joining Teams,  but they don't call that.


      You can collect Actions and use them to create a Mission.


      Rohan did a thorough walk through the Bunchball Nitro application and admin console, showed how to customize and assign values.


      Question about where the images served up are coming from -- the URLs indicate bunchball.com. Some inquired whether this could be considered a security issue.


      Analytics displays actions, over time, depending on customizations.


      Rohan noted that your really need a community manager to handle the active gamification, it takes time and effort to do the things that you want to achieve.





      Albert of GenenTech asked about embedding video feature in Jive: who uses it?


      Most do not, some like to YouTube others have legacy assets that they serve up in a customized way.





      Kevin suggested that Donna Garber at HDS might be willing to host the next user group... Donna?


      Brad Popiolek  said we can make The Apollo Group second choice if Donna can't do it.


      Target early December, enough time after Jive World 12 and before the holidays.