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    Calendars: Jive, Confluence/JIRA, and SharePoint

      We are a couple weeks away from launching our new Jive community. After discussion forums, the next most important thing our users want are calendars. We have the Jive Events Calendar module installed and are trying to understand if/how it meets our needs.


      • Per Re: Jive and the enterprise online ecosystem we are integrating Jive into an enterprise landscape that includes SharePoint, JIRA, Confluence, and TWiki. We expect all 4 of these systems to coexist with Jive.
      • We envision Jive as (1) the "discussion forum solution" and (2) the "hub" of this ecosystem
      • What is our "calendar solution"?
        • Right now I am heavily influenced by comments from people like Michael Drees and Nikki Bussard who say that Jive's calendar needs to integrate with Jive for Outlook and Jive's SharePoint Connector  (What is Jive's solution for calendars and schedules?). Most of our events calendars now live on Outlook and Sharepoint, and we are buying Jive for Outlook and the SharePoint Connector. It sounds like these connectors are not integrated with Jive Calendar. True?
        • Also I am influenced by looking at calendar functionality of Confluence. When I create a new calendar it gives me 3 options:
          • Events calendar (This is what I think the Jive calendar is about.)
          • People calendar (E.g., who is on vacation when). Our users have asked for vacation calendars, which clearly are not events calendars. Probably we don't want to use Jive to hold vacation calendars. Right?
          • JIRA calendar (e.g., project issues). Probably we should use Confluence to hold JIRA calendars. But just in case-- Ellen Feaheny, does the Jive/JIRA interface of AppFusions integrate Jive Calendars with JIRA?


      Dennis Pearce based on your previous comments about Jive and Confluence (Re: Jive and the enterprise online ecosystem) I wonder if you also have something to say here.

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          Hi Bruce,

          The events feature in Jive 5, and presumably Jive 6, integrates with Outlook and is much improved over 4.5. When a user creates an event in Jive, s/he can invite others, who will see the invite in their Outlook Inbox and can accept or decline the same way they can with an event sent directly from Outlook. This will go a long way for us in resolving the calendar need.


          Where we are still seeing a gap is in the ability to invite everyone, or to invite groups the way we would from Outlook. For example, in Outlook we have distribution lists for everyone in an office, region, country, business unit, etc., and we don't these lists in Jive. We're also not able to send an invite to a distribution list. Perhaps there is a workaround for this, but we haven't found it yet.


          If you are a global company, it's worth noting that there is also a bug that causes the meeting time to appear 1 hour early for people in India. Apparently this is related to something not reflecting with daylight savings time, since India doesn't observe it. However, it has a big impact on us since 6-7k of our people are in India.

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            Hi Bruce -


            No there is not integration with Atlassian calendars in our Jive integration at current - also b/c it is an add-on, and our integration is server focused at current. Interesting notion though. I am assuming you will be at JiveWorld12? Please do find me at AppFusions pod and we can discuss..





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              Dennis Pearce

              Hi Bruce,


              As I mentioned earlier we got Confluence when we acquired a company.  What little I know about it I got from discussions with Laura Becraft, who was working with someone from the acquisition to see how and what we could migrate to Jive.  I know they were looking at the wikis but I'm not sure about calendars.  Maybe she can provide more details.