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    What is downside to eliminating "Receive email notifications"

      Hi internal and Jive External Communities. My company is a week away from training community advocates to use our new Jive 5 social intranet. We have seen Deliver us from email questions! and Re: Jive 5: Track vs. Follow--Has anyone done this?

      and we also find the email interface of Jive 5 to be complicated. We want to simplify our UI (during theme development) and our training so that our users don't get lost.


      Our thought is to eliminate "Receive Email Notifications" from the actions menu. We do not understand the point of this link. In particular, "Follow" and "Track" do make sense. And editing user preferences seems to be the dominant place where a Jive user decides how to receive email. Our personal experience is that clicking "Receive email notifications" does nothing. Everything depends on following, tracking, and editing user preferences.


      Are we missing some benefit to having "receive email notifications" in the UI?