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    Can @mention be searched?

      I'm trying to figure out the best way to present account information so that sales support and other internal teams know the main sales contacts are for large accounts (which change regularly). I was playing around using @mention in write a document, so that a snapshot of the account info would be available, and it seems like for the users that I @mentioned, I could not use search to pull up those accounts (i.e. to have the ability to seach for all the accounts the rep has, in the event they need to be reassigned). So the question is not how does @mention search work, but rather is an @mention searched? Being so new to Jive, I don't want to loose any functionality by giving up and saying that I'll just list the sales reps as text.

      Can anyone shed some light, or advise what I'm loosing out if I just use text to list the sales reps?