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    Screenshots of home/overview page examples?

      Reaching out to see if any of you would be willing and able to share some screenshots of your main home page for your respective internal Jive communities.


      I'm entering the final UX/UI phase of our site layout prior to a soft launch this month with a wave of early adopters, so I'm attempting to strike the ideal balance across swift user comprehension, guiding "calls to action", and meaningful visual display with this opening home page. No easy feat, so I'm eager to see how others have approached this in the past.

      (Point of note: we're implementing Jive Cloud, so a few more limitations in terms of GUI control/manipulation)


      Please share if you can. And keen to hear from the User Experience folks as well, if anyone there would like to chime in. Thanks in advance, and I promise to share a screenshot of our final home page layout once completed.