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    Rename Jive Instance?


      We are looking to rename our Jive instance with our upgrade to 5. There are several reasons for needing to do this but basically we are trying to appeal to a much larger and much broader group with our organization.  Aside from the communication challenges (which we are tackling), does anyone have any tips, resources, or expertise as to the technical challenges related to this?

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          Well, a few things.



          I'd suggest, just due to the 6 pages of changes for the upgrade to the database schema, that you do a regular upgrade without the name-change.  Just get the community running properly.


          Change the name: 

          Changing the name is pretty easy. It's the jiveURL property. You can change that in the setup of each web application cluster node (do one first and stand the entire thing up so it's solid, then setup the next node)


          Bookmark rewrite:

          You'll need a rewrite rule in your load balancer (i'm assuming you're on-prem?) to say "all things for community 1 go to community 2" so everyone's bookmarks will continue to work.


          The bookmark rewrite rule ( in apache terms) will have to become legacy as you'll probably not know who has bookmarked what.

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            That doesn't seem too hard.  I agree that we should upgrade and then name change.  The rest seems pretty simple.  Will the internally linked documents, people, and content automatically redirect.  For example, if I have a document that has the URL http://community1/docs/DOC-2423, will it automatically redirect to http://community2/docs/DOC-2423?


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              We went through this in the spring. We intentionally changed the name at the same time as the upgrade. It worked very well for us, as we emphasized how different the site would be after the upgrade. Given the significant changes to the UI from 4.5 to 5, that made sense.