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    Jive vs. StackOverflow use cases?

      Hi Internal and Jive External Communities,


      I see that at least some of you are familiar with StackOverflow (e.g., "Stack"-like functionality for threaded discussions and the post by Jim Jones in Re: How do you structure discussion forums or blogs in Jive?).


      I am interested to hear thoughts about use cases when Jive is appropriate vs use cases when StackOverflow approach is appropriate. JimJonesWRS hints at this when he says that promoting a StackOverflow model would really push his organization "into a different way of doing things" than how they use Jive now. (Jim: Different how?) My organization is very intrigued by the Q&A StackOverflow paradigm, and we are likely to put at least some of our community/communication energy in that direction. I am trying to distill what are the important uses for Jive that are not addressed by a tool with the Q&A StackOverflow mindset?

      Here are some ideas I have:

      • Keeping teammates in the loop is not a strict Q&A activity. (People can use email, but we know how Jive rocks all over email.)
      • Collaborative editing. We want to support team creation of Word, Excel, and PowerPoints files. Google Drive violates our IP. (And, emailing attachments for collaborative editing is even worse than regular email.)
      • Socializing content. Not just disseminating an announcement, but also allowing a conversation to happen around that announcement.
      • Conversation. This feels like a catch-all for open-ended discussion that doesn't fit into the bullets above. Please help improve this list!


      For more context, we are a technology company, and so a substantial amount of our internal and external communication does fit the Q&A / StackOverflow paradigm ("How do I do X?" followed by a canonical Right Answer.)


      Also, we are interested in both social intranet and customer support functions of Jive. I think my list of Jive ideas above are mostly social intranet use cases, and in general I think the internal angle is where we want to start identifying the clear value of Jive over a Q&A / StackOverflow model. But I am also open to customer support use cases.


      Thanks for your thoughts!


      PS: This question is basically building on Re: Jive and the enterprise online ecosystem