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    Which tools for what reports?


      I've been reading through the threads in this Group and also in [Archived] Jive Analytics and its looks like many of you are using a combination of reporting tools to measure ROI.  We have a vast set of reporting needs and I'm trying to figure out what tools would best meet those needs.  To date we have been using CMR (we are on Jive 5 but NOT using the most up-to-date version of CMR), and also running queries against the Jive Analytics DB to get create a set of custom dashboards. But we are a long way from having what we need.  Below are the reporting "categories" that we will be using, and each category has a wish list of 10 or so reports.  Any suggestions on what tools would be best for me to scope-out?


      For context we have an internal instance of Jive with Spaces used for enterprise-wide information/news and Groups for communities of practice, team collaboration, etc. We have a user base of 50K.


      Report Categories:

      • Overall adoption & user activity (measurements of user activity across all spaces and groups, with drill-down capability to explore data further)
      • Group activity (primarily using CMR, but interested to see if others are doing more than this)
      • Space activity (only have CMR available right now, however, we need more "standard" metrics like most popular content, # page views, # click-throughs, etc- in other words, standard intranet metrics)


      It looks like Excel is a reasonable solution, and I'm also seeing some positive threads on Google Analytics. Any other suggestions?