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    Can you do product reviews in Jive, or by extending Jive?


      Hi All,


      Fairly new to Jive and to this community. Wishing everyone Happy Holidays.


      We are evaluating solutions for a gated external community. The core features we are looking for are community sharing (discussions, blogs, polls etc.) that Jive does extremely well, and the ability for members to do product reviews. It is with regards this latter requirement that I have some questions.


      Here's quick description of what we hope to achieve: We'll have a number of vendors listed in the community. Each vendor can have multiple solutions. Members can rate solutions on multiple parameters (each with a star rating system or a yes/no response). The overall rating should be computed based on a defined average of the multiple parameters. Would like members to be able to choose from a hierarchical taxonomy when selecting a vendor's solution. So, a fairly standard product review system.


      So, with regards the above here are a few questions we had:


      • We haven't been able to establish whether Jive (especially the Cloud version) can do this natively. Can anyone here confirm if they have implemented this in Jive, and if so share any details please
      • Are there any other products that you have worked with that do the community features + product review functionality out of the box?


      Any recommendations or pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated.