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    Difference between "Receive email notifications" and "Track in Communications?"



      When it comes to email notifications, is there any difference between "Receive email notifications" and "Track in Communications" in the Actions widget on a space or on an individual piece of content? 


      I get the difference between Following and Tracking (Following vs Tracking: What's the Difference?) and I read this helpful discussion (Re: Jive 5: Track vs. Follow--Has anyone done this?), so I get that clicking "Follow" puts activity in your Activity stream and "Track" puts activity in your Communications stream. That said, our users aren't (yet) really using the Activity and Inbox streams as much as the Recent Activity widget within their spaces, so they are more concerned about fine tuning their email notices.


      So, to repeat the question, when it comes to what gets pushed to a users' email inbox, is there a difference between these?