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    Using Connects API to run external web application within an iFrame?




      I'm new to Jive apps and I'm trying to solve the following problem as I'm building my first Jive app:


      I have an external web application that requires authentication. Let's call it "www.testapp.com". Let's assume further that I can build a Connects service that handles the OAuth 2.0 authentication and allows me to call web services exposed by this web application, e.g. from www.testapp.com/services/service1. The web application at www.testapp.com is already really cool and I don't want to re-build it as a Jive app but reuse it ideally completely.


      In an ideal world, I would like to display, run and interact with this app residing at "testapp.com" within the Jive app container as if I was accessing it directly through its own browser window. Moreover, I would like the authentication to happen automatically so the Jive user does not have to sign in again. Finally, I would like to pass on parameters to this testapp.


      My first guess is that somehow using an iframe within the Jive app that points to this testapp could work here but I'm not sure how that would work with automatic authentication and passing on parameters. Normally such cross-domain requests are, of course, prohibited but I'm wondering whether the Jive Connects API could help out here in some way. Maybe the testapp could provide some security token at a specific web services endpoint which one could fetch via the Connects API and then use to call the testapp within the iframe?


      I would be very, very grateful for any help you could give, especially Gary Jensen, Mark Weitzel and Ryan Rutan. Thanks so much in advance!


      Best regards, Ignacio