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    Does Jive gamification integrate with Nitro for Salesforce?

    Phillip Bailey Beginner

      We're starting out with Jive to create a social intranet. Something I'm looking into is the possibility of integrating gamification, when it becomes available on cloud instances of course. As we also use Salesforce in-house, I have been trying to find information on integrating gamification between Jive and Salesforce. Given that Jive uses the Bunchball Nitro backend to provide gamification (from what I can gather) and that Nitro also provide an integrated Nitro solution for Salesforce, does anyone know whether it is possible to combine the two solutions? The ideal would be that Nitro badges gained in Salesforce (eg for billing a certain amount in a specified period) can be shown and added to a user's points balance in Jive and vice versa. Has anyone tried this? Does it work?