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    Adding an attachment in a form

    Emixam Advanced

      Hi Robert,


      For what I understood we should be able to add an attachment in the form before a document, discussion, question is created.


      I've use the form creator directly in the APP and I've then tweak the HTML to make my changes.


      So in the content at the bottom I've notice there is a line for the attachment:


      "content": {

              "type": "discussion",

              "title": "Demande de traduction",

              "body": "<body>html goes here</body>",

              "includeAttachment": true  -  I'm assuming this is the line that allows us to attach a file in the form



      What I am doing wrong ? Or what am I not understanding correctly ?


      Thanks for your help.


      (I've attach the HTML in this discussion)

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          Ahhh, I think the documentation may be slightly out of date.  There is currently a limitation that will be removed, in a future release, when the app moves from Jive Core API v2 to API v3.  The reason the app currently relies solely on API v2 is that is the API for Jive 5, and currently the app is compatible with both Jive 5 and Jive 6.  In the future the app will be ported to solely support Core API v3 (Jive 6+) and then attachments will be able to be added to all content types, but for now only documents can accept attachments, discussions (same as questions) cannot accept attachments in the older API.


          Anyway, long story short, sorry for the confusion, but if you would like to add attachments via the Forms app, the content.type has to be "document" and cannot be "discussion" or "question" - hope that clears things up for now, and at least gets you a workaround for the time being.

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            Emixam Advanced

            Ok thanks!


            A document should be ok


            We are planning to update to 6 during 2013, is the version for Jive 5 will still be available for a period of time ?

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                The Jive 5 version of the app will continue to be available, for the indefinite future, most definitely.  The Jive 6 specific version of the app will actually end up being a separate app, which has some additional functionality, but is also fully backward compatible with the Forms/Templates created by the existing app, so support for the current app should continue and future updates to Jive 6 and onward should be a seamless upgrade as far as the app is concerned.

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                I have updated the following documentation to note the purpose of the "includeAttachment" boolean setting and also noted that it currently only works for Document, and not any other content type.



                Thanks for catching this and for bringing it to our attention.