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    Override the edit-community action don't work




      I´m made a custom plugin that override the edit-community action. I tested it in my development environment (Jive 5.0.2) and work, the action is invoked.

      When I deployed the plugin in PRE environment (Jive 5.0.3) my action isn´t invoked but Jive shows the default .ftl of action. My action shows a custom .ftl

      This is my code:

      <package name="notificatorSimosaIT" extends="community-default">

              <action name="edit-community" class="com.jivesoftware.community.action.OverEditCommunityAction">

                  <result name="input">/plugins/notificator/resources/templates/edit-community.ftl</result>

                  <result name="cancel" type="redirect">${communityURL}</result>

                  <result name="success" type="redirect">${communityURL}</result>




      My class OverEditCommunityAction extends of EditCommunityAction and y I have edit-community.ftl file into /resources/templates/ folder. My plugin name is notificator.

      Why not invoke the action of my plugin?