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    How do items such as "Join a Secret Group" or "Moderator permissions" in Bunchball actually work?

      Some of the options in the Bunchball Catalog are for intangibles rather than physical goods. OOTB items include Moderator Rights and Secret Group Access. OK, cool, I get the concept, but how do those actually work? I can't imagine how the moderator permissions could be automatically granted, nor access to a secret group, so are we setting ourselves up for manual back-end work if we add things like this to the catalog?


      Assuming that it has to be a manual process, what is built into the tool to manage it?

      • Are admins alerted when someone earns one of these intangible rewards, so we know to go make it actually happen?
      • Is there a way to indicate that the reward was actually granted, so we don't lose track of who we have set up and who needs to be set up?
      • What kind of reports can we see related to all of this?