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    How to perform POST request using Jive REST API (v2) with curl?


      Hi Everyone,


      I tried GET with Jive REST API (v2) with curl i.e. GET http://domain:port/application_context/api/core/v2/my/activity?before=String&limit=int&type=Set and got the results.

      But I am finding difficulty in performing POST & particularly:

      • How to pass parameters required for a POST request in curl, like for http://domain:port/application_context/api/core/v2/my/private/documents we need to specify some parameters for document. It will  be good if a supportive  example could be given.
      • Does same can be done with Rest Client (like chrome has)? I was trying some calls but it kept giving unauthorized access (and as I think credentials could not be passed appropriately). In curl we use -u option.
      • Also in reference document for v2, parameters, that are needed to pass along with POST requests, are not specified e.g. REST Reference : Group Service does not specify required parameters & passing format for creation of a group.


      Anyone, please help me out for the same.





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