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    Does jive support nitro markup language (NML)?

    jgotti Beginner

      Looking though the BunchBall wiki & features they offer a number of HTML5 & Flash widgets though NML (nitro markup language).


      Our first thought was to use a Jive HTML widget and provide the correct mark up to display the content, which did not work.

      We then created a custom plugin with an action that embeds some of these widgets into the HTML body.  It looks like jive uses its own custom nitro.js which resulted in javascript errors:

           Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 8.44.03 AM.png

      I tracked this down and it looks like jive references nitro-noload.js rather then nitro.js from bunchball.  Their file references some other js files that jive does not contain (widgets/embed/current/nitroWidget_new.js).  When i add a reference to this JS file the NML w/ the action works correctly but the HTML widgets with NML still do not.