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    Any Voicestorm-Like Apps Available for Jive?

      I'm curious if anyone's aware of any employee brand advocacy capabilities or apps available for Jive that offer similar features? Essentially a way to manage a community that is provided with specific content for sharing across personal social networks that can be tracked and quantified to allow for rewards and/or recognition. Would love any insight anybody has on this.

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          I know Social Dynamics built a prototype for IBM Connections (I think they are in beta right now). So maybe ask them to build for Jive, too. ;-)


          No Jive App is currently available for this. It is certainly an interesting idea, but personally I am somewhat drawn back and forth on whether or not I believe in this concept.

          The idea sounds charming, but I get too many mindless corporate press releases (or Techcrunch mentions, pretty much the same thing ;-) already, so the potential of alienating some employees and their friends is there too.

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              To be completely honest, I'm not totally sold on the concept either, but for now am just looking to see if it's even tactically feasible using Jive with help of an App.

              I think sponsored employee social advocacy might yield immediate results, but from a psychology/sociology standpoint, I worry there's a break-point where people won't wan't to put family/friend connections at risk over coming off as a shill for the company they work for. Maybe it's all in how the program is set up and in training users in thoughtful, sporadic use to truly share the elements they would anyway (proud business achievements and the like) and then have an opportunity to receive recognition or reward for their effort.

              Thanks for the response, I certainly couldn't find an existing solution, but would love to be able to keep a program like this inside our Jive community as I hate seeing fragmentation across channels.