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    Providing users with access to external news


      Hey everyone, curious to find out what other companies are doing. Here's the background...for many years now, we've provided our employees with access to external news, so those with restricted internet access can keep updated on what's going on outside our walls. We recently moved this function over to our Jive platform through the use of html widgets, but have run into various issues (not Jive-related).  Because of the restricted internet access, it's not as easy as pulling in an RSS feed from cnn.com, for example, or throwing a link to an external news site on our intranet.  So my question is two-fold: 1) Do you have restricted internet access for employees, and if so, how have you worked around this?; and 2) Do you provide your employees with external news on your Jive platform, and if so, how?


      Look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks!

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          If you have restricted internet access I could see having your Jive platform serve as a news hub could be problematic for the reasons you mentioned. Assuming that opening up internet access is not possible you might need to have someone curate PDF renditions of those news stories or something similar, then place them into the Jive community.

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            We bring in external news in a couple ways, but we do not restrict Internet access for employees (so I'm not entirely sure how this would work -- or not -- on your end):


            1. We use Ryan Rutan's Links plug-in, which allows users to add up to 10 links, both within our Jive instance as well as externally, to the top nav bar. Users really love this feature and have been adding their favorite groups / spaces (since you can't bookmark a group or space) as well as web-based enterprise systems and external sites.


            2. Group and space admins will often use RSS widgets to bring in news from external websites. These days, many news sites require authentication, so the admin just needs to enter a user name and password into the RSS widget.

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              I agree with the team.  This is a management issue.  They are purposely putting restrictions on your people and I don't suggest you become the person who enables them to see what's going on in the rest of free world.  However if you do decide to lead your people to freedom, I suggest either 1) post it manually as often as you can or 2) pay someone to create a push/pull engine that captures the entire piece of content rather than a link. (talk to Carlo Saggese He can hook you up) or 3) Leverage an out of the box screen scraping tool and see how far you can get with it.  Here's a free one you could start with, but there appear to be all kinds of pay/SaaS options out there.  Screen scraper tool