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    Community Metrics and Reports


      Hello All,


      I'm a little new to the Jive Community, so forgive my naivety.


      Our internal, Jive 6.0 Community launched recently, and now we are looking to explore and analyze community metrics in order to measure our integration efforts.


      I'm curious about what other people have done to measure their "social ROI" with the Jive Platform.


      What metrics or concepts do you use to measure the success of your communities? i.e. likes within a certain time, average comments per discussion, etc.

      What do you present to executives and others for showing the viability of your social environment?

      What are some strategies you have used for growth, and how did you measure them?

      What Community Manager Reports do you use?

      We have the Report Download Tool (is this part of the Analytics Module?). Has anyone written any custom Reports for measuring activity?

      Are there any good discussions within the Jive Community already talking about these strategies?


      Thanks so much for your feedback!