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    Why is the Search widget not available in Groups?


      Jive 6.0 introduces two very handy new widgets:  The Ask widget and the Search widget.  The problem is that only the Ask widget is available in Spaces AND Groups (it only searches discussions - see Re: My ask widget only searches discussions - very disappointed - which is fine in our case, since we have the Search widget - or thought we did).


      The Search widget (which searches across ALL content) is only available in Spaces - not in Groups.  This is very unhelpful.  Since we seem to spend a lot of time trying to eliminate the differences between Spaces and Groups, we have use cases where we need to search within a Group.  We do have the JavaScript Search Widget for 5.0 available, but would always prefer to use a native Jive widget over the JavaScript one - especially since the Search widget returns inline results rather than taking the user to the search results page.


      Could the Search Widget be added to Groups, please?