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    Jive iPad App - initial issues


      Hi all


      Enjoying getting to know the new iPad app.. especially how it tracks recent groups, the more visual interface and the ability to "@mention" when creating new content... it's a real step forward.


      Just wanted to start a thread picking up a few bugs/issues:


      1. no ability to update profile on the app (the settings button just asks if you want to log-out);

      2. no settings options (the settings button just asks if you want to log-out);

      3. no ability to add photos to status updates (as per Jive mobile); and

      4. frequent crashing when trying to use the "Recent Content" view.


      Just wondered if any others had any issues or suggestions.


      Best regards


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          Thanks for using it Jon!  I'll post more info about it in a little bit.  From your list:

          1 & 2 are on the short list of things to add.

          3 & 4 are fixed in the next update.  Now that the app is live we will be submitting that update to Apple today so it should be live in a week.

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            Were running Jive cloud  with SAML SSO and cannot get past the login screen.  When will SAML authentication be supported?  I can login to one of our externally accessible groups, using a test account.  This is using the built in Jive authentication.

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                We are working on SAML support now and expect to release an update for it by end of quarter.  In the interim your Jive administrator may allow for basic auth by excluding the /api/ path from your SSO.


                For more details on the release please see Release of the Jive for iPad beta!

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                    Hi Brian,  Do we work with Jive support to allow for basic auth by excluding the /api/ path from your SSO?  What are the consequences?  Bob Feller, Pat Sono


                    Thanks Dan

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                        Hi Dan,

                        At this point I would encourage you to try Jive for iPad - SAML SSO alpha as it does support SSO.  We expect to have that feature live in an update by the end of the month but if you're able to try it now that would help ensure that it'll meet your needs.



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                            Do we need to update extended apis or anything to get this to work?  All I get is a login screen even though the app says it has saml support.


                            Also, why do I now have to login, rather than use the device activation code lie we used with the iphone app and mobile website?

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                                You should be getting redirected to your company's SSO login page... generally a web view which loads within the app itself. This is logging you in via SSO. The activation code that was used previously was a means of verifying credentials with SSO in the background without requiring login. However, the old system required a break in the workflow that was often disruptive and a barrier to new users without activation code generator.


                                Ping me if there are follow up questions here. Hope this helps though.


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                                Hi Brian;


                                I have version 0.6.0 of the Jive iPad application and it does work with SAML authentication, but I have hesitated to recommend it to our users to try as every time I click on a user it crashes and exits the application, so about 5 seconds in to the application and the average users crashes it. Is there an update?


                                Currently we're using the full web version via Safari or Chrome on an iPad to access Jive.  However, text input is so clumsy that way that my management users have given up on doing blog entries or much content creation from their iPads.  When that's all they have, they email me their blog to post from a computer.  For simple comments, they revert to using their iPhone or the iPhone Jive application on the iPad.


                                So we're finding that Jive is not too iPad friendly when creating content!  Whereas, it does work much better in a browser on an Android tablet.


                                I would be happy if the Safari or Chrome web version worked well on an iPad (maybe IOS 7) and if flash was eliminated from Jive.  Having both a web version and an application for the iPad when they both work poorly is not a very good solution!


                                I do find simply consuming content is good on the iPad, but actively participating is not easy to do.

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                                    I am extremely sorry to hear that Dan. I have not heard of this situations occurring previously and it definitely is not something that I am experiencing. What version is your instance? 0.6.0 is the latest release for the iPad. I have to say that text input is beautifully handled on the iPad app and I hope to get this situation resolved ASAP for you. Our goal is to make Jive for iPad a very friendly environment for content creation and editing.


                                    Please ping me with some specific information about your instance so that we can figure this out for you. It might be worth opening a ticket with Support if you need additional assistance.


                                    It saddens me to hear that you aren't able to take advantage of the RTE that is available for the iPad. I use it very frequently and know that your users would find great utility in it as well.


                                    Ping me.



                          • rnicg
                            Hi Brian Gil - enjoying the new iPad app, but (and almost too ashamed to ask) .. have the follow features been disabled in the app, or are they part of the roadmap? Or - quite possible - am I missing something in the current interface? :)
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                              We are yet to try the iPad app due to SSO problems but we like the sound of it.


                              A new iPad App called Quip has just launched, promising the ability to collaborate etc. I'm wondering if anyone has used it yet and if it is comparable from a document functionality point of view etc?


                              If it is really good perhaps Jive should buy them?


                              Introducing Quip - Quip Blog