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    Creating customs nav bar drop downs similar to Jive Community

    candidar Advanced

      We are upgrading to a hosted (not cloud) 6 instance. We currently have 5. On our version now, we have 2 customs menus, one a drop down with links to various places and things, plus a help button. I want to create something classier, like the explore and help menu in the community. Now, a few questions, I am learning still, patience


      1. I reviewed the /soy/nav/navbar.soy file in both 5 and 6, they appear to be the same.

      2. We have a custom nav.ftl file that holds our custom menus.

      3. I am assuming that the nav.soy file calls the customnav.ftl file and displays the content on the nav bar.

      4. Based on this assumption, I would need to tweak the customnav.ftl file with the new look and feel, and load that into our 6 instance,


      Am I correct, or way off base here? Any help would be much appreciated!


      Jez Martin - here's my very first question!