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    Potential for Improvement in Producteev App


      Dear Support Team,


      I just found some things that might need to be improved in the producteev app:


      1) Deleting a task

      I tried to delete a task in a project. As a result, ALL tasks of that project were deleted with the excemption of the task that SHOULD be deleted.


      2) Adding a new task

      When being in a projects tasks view, when hitting the add task button, a window to enter a new task is opened.

      The problem is, that it was not created in the project I was looking at but in another project.

      By default the project of a new task should be the project one is currently looking at.


      3) Adding a due date to a task in the producteev app will not find its way into the data base, meaning that it doesn't show up within the web browser application.


      And one thing in the web browser application:


      1) When changing the due date of a task, it happens (I think when changing the month) that the save button disappears.


      To be very honest, things have been less buggy before you took over producteev.

      I wish you good luck and thank you for your idea, but you might need to shape some things to get back to the level it was in before.

      I am keen to convince my colleagues using producteev but I honestly wouldn't do in the current state.


      Best regards,