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    Challenges gaining employee adoption. Tips?

      We're currently doing a pilot of Jive with our internal marketing teams (both locally and globally), and have been experiencing challenges gaining employee adoption.


      There's a hesitancy to transition from using email and other forms of communication to get work done, and a concern of posting things in a totally transparent community (even with private and secret groups, they still get nervous).


      We want the pilot to be a success, but frankly it's not been able to gain the traction we've needed.


      Does any current Jive clients have any tips or ideas on ways to generate adoption? Would appreciate any insight.



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          Jill Ross, you may have some expert opinions on this one!

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              Jill Ross

              Ha - thanks Carrie!

              You're certainly not alone with this challenge - it's one of the biggest hurdles in any social business program. I wrote a 3-part blog series on this exact topic that you might find helpful here: 3 Key Drivers of Social Intranet Adoption.

              If your key challenge is getting people more comfortable "working out loud" - I recommend that you identify your company's biggest influencers - whether they are peers, managers, or execs - and invite them to join an Advocates or Champions group designed to help them lead by example. The goal here is to get influential team members using the platform first, then others will follow their lead. Position this program as an exclusive privilege - an opportunity to shape the way Jive is used at your company. From there, you can:

              1. Conduct a kick-off session where you tell them why they've been chosen to participate, what's in it for them, what's expected from them, and what your objectives are with the program.
              2. Provide training opportunities as necessary - best practices, moderation guidelines, technical training, or anything else you think is relevant.
              3. Hold meetings on a weekly/monthly basis to discuss how they're using Jive, issues they are coming across when using it, and new ways to improve processes using Jive.
              4. Give them special badges on their community profiles that identify them as as part of this group - whatever you decide to call it. Make it something fun and inline with your brand - like "TaylorMade Champs" or whatever is a good fit.

              If people can see influential team members using Jive, it will ease the transition from closed to open communication and collaboration.


              Once you've achieved your initial objectives, you can start recruiting more people to join your Champions program to help it spread throughout the company on a larger scale. I have lots of ideas for you if you want to discuss further!


              And P.S. - we can help you do any of the things I mentioned above.


              Hope this helps!

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                Jill Ross

                And I already shared these other articles with you privately, but here are some excellent resources on Advocates programs from Claire Flanagan and Carrie Gilbert:

                Community Advocates: Your Secret Weapon in Going Global and Viral, By Claire Flanagan, CSC

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                Advocates and the Many Hats They Wear

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                    Great references, Jill. Carrie - I'd love to chat with you for some ideas if you have time next week. Tara Panu - what are some good tracks for this at JiveWorld13?

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                        We definitely have great tracks that are specific to customer engagement and marketing: http://jiveworld.jivesoftware.com/agenda/tracks/. I'm going to bring in Elizabeth Brigham who can shed some light on some details of these sessions.

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                          Jill Ross

                          Be sure to check out the DIRECTV session with Thyda Nhek  and Michael Ambrozewicz. Their CORE Champions story is a great example of a successful adoption program.



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                            Looking forward to Jive World! Will be great to get ideas from others in regards to user adoption. We have full exec buy-in across the company (not actually using it much, just advocating strongly)... but the difficulty is the getting the people who actually do the work to bring it on the platform. Getting there slowly!


                            Are there any interactive breakout sessions at Jive World Elizabeth Brigham where we can deep dive with other attendees and experts?

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                                Hi Carrie Bloch great conversation here! With respect to getting marketing teams on board, here are a few things I generally share (in addition to the goodness that Jill Ross shared above)...also know that I walked in your shoes at Disney for 3.5 years where I worked on the Parks & Resorts Online team where we built all the e-commerce sites for the Disney Parks portfolio of brands.


                                1) Marketers (myself included) are a tough breed to change wholesale - meaning, one day there's email and the next there's Jive.  I like to start small - take one campaign or one new product launch that you're starting.  Use that as your "test" to kick things off.  Take, for example, an event that's still several weeks out for which you're just kicking off promotions or other developments - maybe the President's Cup in October (guessing on your timelines here, so feel free to correct me ).  To Jill's point, find a couple of the key stakeholders for that project; train them on using the campaign planning purposeful place in Jive and give them concrete examples of how they would use Jive to make things easier.  The first place I like to start is the launch plan (basically taking what you guys probably do in excel and then email around to the entire team for updates and moving it into an organic doc in Jive):


                                Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 12.50.42 PM.png

                                I start with the launch plan because it looks the most familiar, but yet by putting it in Jive where everyone has access to it, you can track updates and versions and edit on the fly (perhaps in a team meeting) immediately makes your life easier than using excel, email and hand-written notes. 


                                2) Regarding getting over the hurdle of not wanting to share things publically, I like to frame it up as such:  In today's world (pre-Jive), you would have been having the SAME conversations, sharing the same documents with a small number (key stakeholders) via email.  In effect, with private groups, all you're doing is moving the conversation to a place where all the same key stakeholders have access to it, but you can search and find that conversation more easily in the future, you can mark things for follow up actions, you can track a threaded conversation (rather than disjointed emails back and forth)...and, when appropriate, you can invite in more people to the circle of trust.  Similarly, and perhaps most importantly, the next time you're launching another campaign or promotion or product, you can reference the conversations in this group so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.  Lastly, when it's time to loop in your agency, you can add them into the mix when appropriate.  I completely understand the cultural shift, but I think the best way to approach that is to illustrate how that this new tool isn't a huge shift from email; rather, it's more efficient and you can control when to broadcast and when to keep things private.  After all, ANYONE can forward an email to someone not in the circle of trust...but with Jive, we give you the permission levels to ensure things keep quiet.


                                3) Lastly....you will have many great opportunities to learn more about this at Jive World.  I would definitely recommend you attend my session with Sterling Bailey at McAfee as he'll be speaking about how his global marketing team uses Jive to plan events across 50 different countries.  In the meantime, I want you guys to be as successful as possible, so I'm happy to jump on the phone/webex with you to walk through some other ideas.  Feel free to DM me here, or give me a call at 503-972-9006.  I strongly believe that this is the new way to work for marketers

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