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    Active Users

    Kate Bellard

      In the Community Manager Reports, there are Active Users, Participating Users, and Contributing Users. What exactly is an Active User? I need a clearer definition. Is it recording unique users or can users be active by simply viewing the homepage?

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            Kate Bellard

            Thanks Mike. I'm still a little unclear as to what is meant by "viewed at least one item". So an active user is essentially anyone who has logged in and just viewed the space or group?

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              That is how we interpret it.  If I've logged in once in the last 30 days, I'm considered active.
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                  Kara Francis

                  If you have logged in over the last 30 days and you also posted a comment, are you considered both an active user and a participating user?  Or does active only refer to those who only "viewed", so each users is only in one category:

                  1. Inactive user (never logged in over the last 30 days)
                  2. Active user (logged in at least once and did not post anything over the last 30 days)
                  3. Participating user (logged in at least once and posted a comment, liked, bookmarked, etc., but did not create new content over the last 30 days)
                  4. Contributing user (logged in at least once and created new content and maybe also commented, etc.over the last 30 days)


                  Or could someone be in multiple groups?

                  I logged in, I added a comment, and I created new content, so I am an Active User, a Participating User, and a Contributing User?


                  Somewhat related, I am currently challenged with the the metrics being skewed due to the Outlook connector.  We just enabled that, and our active, participating, and contributing numbers have gone down because people are seeing stuff via their Outlook e-mail and not signing in to the system.  but this is for another discussion thread.

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                  For what it's worth, we interpret Active Users in the same way.  I run my analytics thru Jive's Analytics Module (Business Objects) & I report against for the Active User Count data element for whatever time range I'm looking for.