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    Corporate communications and your communities

    Libby Taylor

      Hi everyone,


      I'm the enterprise community manager for our internal company-wide Jive site (call Spark) and am looking for some info about how others have rolled out (or rolled in, as the case may be) corporate communications into your Jive sites.


      Here's our situation:

      • We have a robust company Intranet with a highly-used corporate comms area and business group sites.
      • We have a company newsletter that is emailed weekly to all employees and is then posted as HTML on the Comms intranet site.
      • Our major business groups/divisions also have newsletters which are sent via email to their employees.
      • Corporate & business communication teams have not adopted/used our Jive site for any employee communications so far
      • Our Jive site, while company-wide, has had more of a grass-roots adoption with some company-wide programs acting as cornerstone use cases.



      Since launching company-wide in May 2013, Spark is now seeing some level of successful adoption (over half of our 20,000 employees visit/use it regularly) and as a result our corporate communications group is curious how other companies have incorporated Jive into their communication efforts and how they have achieved it. Specifically, they are wondering how other companies are using Jive to communicate to their employees.


      Any examples you can give me of how your company uses Jive for corporate communications would be appreciated.


      Thank you very much in advance!


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          We are in the exact same situation. I know it doesn't help answer your question, but at least you're not alone.


          I just had a discussion with our internal comms team last week and suggested that we might set up some time with other companies to hear how they are using their communities for internal comm, similar to what Shirlin Hsu suggested in the thread Re: Community Managers from Other Companies as a "Guest" in Your Advocate or Community Manager Webinars. I'd love to make this a group effort where we could organize some folks who have great stories to tell to talk to some of the organizations who are just now trying to jump in.

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            Dennis Pearce

            I could probably get our Corp Comm people onto a call if someone wanted to discuss this.  We moved to Jive April 2012 but let it grow organically until August when our CEO gave it a big push as part of his quarterly employee talk.  Our intranet was pretty old so our communications people were in a hurry to get into something where they could get feedback from readers.  Here are some of the things we have done over the last year:


            • moved our corporate intranet info into Jive
            • display news items on the home page, both corporate and divisional -- most of them link to existing Jive docs or places for more details
            • moved our diversity groups, company store, charity and volunteer efforts, etc. into Jive
            • publish a monthly list of service anniversaries -- 5, 10, 15, 20 yrs.  Now that it is in Jive, the names are @mentioned on the document instead of just listed so that others can view their profiles
            • one of our senior VPs posts a short weekly video interview with someone in the company -- "5 Minute Fridays"
            • our CEO just a few weeks ago introduced a Corporate Strategy space containing a video where he stands at an electronic whiteboard and explains our (new) strategy; the space also contains subspaces with more detailed info on each element -- branding, value proposition, culture, etc.
            • just about all of our previous email newsletters have been converted to blogs


            It's working pretty well -- we run at about 70-80% active users and the corporate news spaces are typically the most viewed.  We were just reflecting on the first year (counting from the CEO kick-off in August) and decided that it's a mixed bag -- we have plenty of adoption but it's mostly viewing corporate info and using it as a file repository, so our focus for the coming year is trying to shift from consumption to collaboration.  At least they're in it. 

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              Libby Taylor

              Wow, thanks Dennis Pearce! What a great answer. This is really helpful and I will definitely share it with my comms folks.

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                Libby Taylor

                Hi Nikki Bussard, it really does help to know we are not alone. It's so great we have each other to figure some of this stuff out. Thanks so much!

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                  Hi Dennis,


                  I was wondering if you are using your Jive platform for anything other than the corporate intranet.  We are currently using ours as a way to allow departments to communicate and collaborate both cross and intra-departmentally using spaces and groups dedicated to Sales, Professional Services, SMEs, etc... We are looking to add HR and Corporate communications to that mix and I'm just curious if you, or others, have used separate instances of Jive for the Intranet and then possibly bridge them together, or is everything on a single instance of Jive?

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                    I am so glad to see this thread, we have the same situation with our corporate community we are preparing to launch later this month.


                    We have created news spaces in our community for several functional teams where leaders can post organizational news by posting a blog to the news space.  We also want to be able to post email "news" to the news spaces - but the process is cumbersome.  The email needs to be converted to a discussion, sent to the news space, then converted to a blog post.


                    Here is the thread when I asked about this previously: https://community.jivesoftware.com/thread/252752


                    Tracy also posted an idea to Enable "Create content by email" for Place blogs.

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                      Dennis Pearce

                      Jim, we just have a single internal instance of Jive.  We have many of the same spaces as you list.  We have sales spaces for North America, EMEA, Latin America, and Asia Pacific with country subspaces underneath.  Our product development teams have started to use it so that the various teams can more easily see each others' work.  It seems like in general, employees have gravitated toward spaces for official intranet kinds of things and more formal work, with groups for interest groups and communities of practice (we have groups for things like Linux, Python, Apple products, etc.).


                      We want everyone in the company to have access and participate, so it seems like having two instances with a bridge would mean that either some employees could only access some content via the bridge (which I think means they couldn't contribute -- not sure because I don't know much about the bridge capability) or we would need duplicate licenses for the different environments.

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                        Thanks, Dennis.  A single instance in definitely the way we are going as well.  I'm not sure that a bridged situation would really make a lot of sense either, but the community here often comes up with things I hadn't even thought of.  :-)  Thanks for your input.



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                          Libby Taylor

                          Great comments so far, I also like hearing how Jim Buck Kim Spears and Dennis Pearce have structured some of their spaces v. groups. This is such a great group to ask a question to!

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                            Really happy to hear this Dennis Pearce. Sounds like you and the team are rocking it!

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                              Any further updates on this thread? Would be nice to hear how each of you/company has progressed. Dennis Pearce did you guys have a 1 year anniversary splash?


                              Kim Spears likely showing my ignorance, but why the need for a blog post? Depending upon the blogger, possibly corp comm types need to proof before publishing?


                              In my mind, a discussion can be a blog post with a question mark. A discussion is sent to a "place", but essentially has the same entry format as a blog post. A blog post can also be sent to a "place". Both communication formats allow for replies/comments. However, with the email/Jive outlook connector, emailed content lands in a place usually called "recent discussions" or "recent activity". The immediate drawback is the post can't be edited by a corp comm person.


                              Here is a potential work around for an emailed "blog post". What we have seen is tagging a discussion. For example, a "blog post" is sent via email with a tag "Friday 5 minute". As expected, this emailed "blog" will land in a discussion site. However, using a "watch tag" widget, you can surface this "blog post" within the "watch tag" widget, named "Friday 5 minute".  The watch tag widget header can have a custom name. Effectively, the "watch tag" is mirroring the content, but delivering it in a site named and purposed for "blogs". Readers can then consume the "Friday 5 minute" "blog" content without converting into a blog format.


                              While not exactly an emailed blog to a "news" site, with a custom named watch tag widget, emailed content can be placed on a specified site without the extra steps mentioned earlier in the thread.


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                                Dennis Pearce

                                No parties or balloons.  We kept the anniversary pretty low-key because we still have some employees who aren't sold on the whole "social thing" and we didn't want to come across as too rah-rah and end up with a backlash.


                                So our Corp Com people did a little story on the anniversary with some stats.  I also posted a file of charts and stats for anyone who might be interested.  Then over the last month or so we've been having Corp Com run a series of stories -- interviews with real users from different business areas and parts of the world talking about how Innovate (Jive) is changing the way they work for the better.  We also made sure that every story closed with a statement from the interviewee indicating this is nowhere near a finished product:


                                • "We're just scratching the surface"
                                • "We need more people to jump in and share their thoughts and ideas – and help build an innovative culture.”
                                • “Innovate provides a great place to communicate in a much crisper format than email, enabling more knowledge sharing and collaboration. I encourage everyone to make better use of this platform.”
                                • "There’s so much more we could be doing through discussion and collaboration.”


                                So the message we're hoping to send is that it's been successful so far but we're still really far from where we want to be and need everyone participating.

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                                  Hello Libby Taylor : At our company, Jive is our intranet homepage and is managed by Corporate Communications. Our intranet homepage is also set to be the default homepage that employees get when they open their browsers, so they automatically see it whether they intend to go there or not. Any announcement we make, is posted on our homepage, which in turns links to the document or blog that is posted elsewhere in Jive. We make heavy use of blogging for almost every business announcement - if a press release goes out, someone who is affiliated with that news will do a corresponding blog post to give more details on the story. This helps people feel more informed about what's going on, connects them with the people who are involved in various projects or programs, and provides a way for all employees to give feedback or ask questions or just say "congratulations". We do this both for external corporate news and internal news. I think using Jive for our corporate communications has really helped us stay connected. We still have a lot of content and departmental pages on our old Intranet site, which is in SharePoint, and so we provide links over to pages in SharePoint when necessary. Since it sounds like it would be a lot to recreate your current intranet in Jive, perhaps just switching your homepage to Jive and creating some Spaces where corporate communications and other departments can post content would get your corp comms going more in the Jive direction. Also, the ease with which we can post videos and photos has also helped our corporate communications efforts.

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                                    Thanks Dennis. Like every journey, the first step is the most important. I appreciate your team's approach and attitude. I understand the "social thing" comment. It's certainly a culture change, but as the workforce changes, it is wise for every corporation to adjust to the new social reality. As a knowledge management expert, I imagine you appreciate how Jive/Innovate captures knowledge and can surface the "tribal knowledge" in a manner email/old school "social" can't begin to deliver. Good luck on the continued journey!

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