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    How to get blogs/discussions through Jive API

    krishnakumar_nk Novice

      The requirement is this.

      a) On our Jive Instance, we will have discussions and blogs restricted to certain users

      b) We were wondering if we can pass the user's ID (EMail in this case) and only retrieve those discussions and blogs that the user has access to through the Jive API.

      d) User profiles are stored in an external system. User profile (except password) is synched up with jive instance on a daily basis.

      e) Would rest service API call which we make be able to retrieve the results in this scenario?

      d) We could do the filtering on the caller side, but would like to avoid the additional processing for better perf.

      d) We were not able to find a Jive API reference that takes in a userID as parameter and filter based on that..


      Any help here would be greatly appreciated...