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    Exporting Jive content using API

    psiconsulting Novice

      We think that exporting feature should be enable to all the clients so we discard a customized solution yoiu proposed to us because it was expensive.

      So, no we are trying to export the content usign the API. Could you help us with this point?


      Is it possible to make the following API calls?

      - first call to retrieve a list with all the spaces

      - then, go through each space and retrieve documents, disussions, ...


      We have been checking the API and we have seem how to get documents from a community:https://clearspace.perseiconsulting.eu/clearspace/rpc/rest/documentService/documentsByCommunity/4120

      but it is not clear to us if we can list spaces and retrieved the information...


      thank you very much for your support.