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    No csv export and printing; no backup feature exist under settings and more questions


      I love the product and the idea of changing the design and adding new features, but please keep the simplicity of the program.


      My gripes

      • Why didn't you guys beta test the product with some of your users before forcing the update down our throats resulting in this nightmare? Your beta testers would have pointed out all the bugs we are currently experiencing.


      Any possible chance that all of the below will be resolved within the next 2 weeks?

      1. Why was the CSV file export function removed? This is the only reason I quit other products to use Producteev since I keep track of my tasks for my individual clients and generate an excel report easily.
      2. Where is the backup feature under settings? I am locked into your program with no way out until you guys fixed all this bugs and now I have to retype all of my lists for my clients.
      3. Why was all of my previous emails used to IMs and emailing tasks removed? Are they still in the migration process?
      4. Why oh why did you guys convert Workspaces (in my world, my Workspace means different jobs/clients and should not be mixed in with my personal Workspace) into projects?
      5. Why must I have to type "!" before Today, or Tomorrow when adding my tasks? Seriously, can we go back to the simple previous version?
      6. If the idea of being able to move projects to another network exist (still has bugs to fix), why can't the labels we originally created for that Workspace or Project be moved also with the project to the new network?