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    E-mail task syntax


      With this link: What's the syntax to quickly create a task by email?


      These items are highlighted...

      • !Deadline (!today, !tomorrow, !DayOfTheWeek, !nextweek, !nextmonth, !6 hours, !30 minutes
      • #Label
      • @Follower (@FirstName LastName, LastName FirstName)
      • +Assignee (@FirstName LastName, LastName FirstName)


      Are these all the current syntax available? They do not see them working when submitting an email.

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          Yes. Those should be the current actions. They do need to be in the email subject line, however.



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              How would I put the syntax to be a specific due date? Say Oct.12,2013


              Regarding labels are they case specific (ie, Web and web are the same?)

              Lastly if a label doesn't exist does it create a new label?

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                  The deadline feature does not recognize specific dates.


                  However will recognize

                  • !(!today, (Current Day)
                  • !tomorrow, (Next Day)
                  • !DayOfTheWeek, (Next Monday, for example)
                  • !nextweek, (Thursday, Next Week)
                  • !nextmonth, (October 19. 2013)
                  • !6 hours (From task creation,
                  • !30 minutes (From task creation.

                  Labels, will be added to the task, but not created. They are case specific at the moment.

                  Finally, if you want to specify which project Email tasks are created in, by default, you can go into the webapp of Producteev and set your default project. (See below)