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    Changing the default for the People page


      The People page default is by "Relevance,"  but Jive confirmed in Jive 6, there's an open bug and no alogorithm is actuallly applied to the sort right now. Until this is fixed, we're looking to swap the default sort to one of the following:

      • dateJoined (different every time you hit the page; shows community growth)
      • statusLevel (helps users spot power users)
      • name (first) (not helpful for us)
      • lastName (somewhat helpful, but not as a default)
      • relevance (bug)
      • username (not helpful for us)
      • creationDate (not sure what this is; date user given access?)


      We're leaning toward the first two (bolded). Since we're still in pilot (one tenth of total users on platform), would start with date joined, reverse chron.  Then, would move to status level once we're a more mature community.


      Anyone think it's more important to highlight power users via a status level default during pilot instead as a way for newbies to spot potential advocates/support?

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          Hi Lee Ann,


          It's funny you bring this up.  When we made the change from 5 to 6 it was within the first couple of days that people noticed the "relevance" thing.  This is what one user said:


          The new layout for the People "Browse" defaults to "Relevance".  I keep staring at it trying to figure out the logic.  I see my manager (#9 on my list) on my first screen of 20, but that is the only person with whom I work.


          I am sure ALL of these folks are great people and with whom I would enjoy getting a cup of coffee.  I am just trying to figure out how they are connected to me or should be connected to me.  For clarity, I work in Global Supply Base Management, in GSCO.


          Any logic that you can share? (and I really hope it is complex so that I don't feel silly asking)

          Then there were more comments about it from other users.  I started a poll to find out who  thought it needed to be changed to something else, but didn't get any real interest.  I think once they understood the what "relevance" means and how to sort by something else, they were okay with it.  However, we upgraded about 10 months into our initial launch, so some newbies, some not.  The person who started that thread is not what I considered a "newbie' at the time.


          I  would change it to either date joined or status level partly for the reason you said, and partly because the comments reflected that not being considered by a software application as being "relevant" was a negative thing.




          oh, forgot to add, we didn't change it, but I might with the next upgrade.

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            I would go with something other than Status Level. The reason I say that is that it will tend to be the same people who are always in the top spots. And for people who are competitive or at least conscious of their points in the system, it can be demoralizing to see how far they'd have to go to be in the top tier. I understand what you are trying to accomplish, but I'm not convinced your audience would see it that way.


            We've added gamification this year, and so there has been a lot more open talk about how people feel about points and levels. It is a double-edged sword.


            I also don't think too many people use points to try and find an "expert". And further, I can say without hesitation that points don't equate to knowledge or expertise. We have many people with lots of points who get them for a very narrow set of activities. And though they may post a lot of documents (for example), they have never used the text editor and couldn't begin to tell you how to insert an image or a URL (without just pasting the URL in).

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              Kate Bellard

              How do you change the default? Is it in the admin console? We just upgraded to 6 last week and I've been wondering about the Relevance filter.