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    Jive Anywhere 2.1 public beta is now available

      Jive Anywhere 2.1 will be released soon, but in order to let you prepare for some breaking changes in the Cartridges SDK we encourage you to download and try the new beta version starting today.

      The SDK documentation can be downloaded from the links below, it contains a "What's new" section with all the info related to migrating your old cartridges.


      Minimum requirements:

      • Extended APIs 2.1 (v3 recommended)
      • Jive 5.x
      • Internet Explorer 8, Chrome 22, Firefox 16 or Safari 5.1 (Mac only)

      New features in Jive Anywhere 2.1 beta:

      • Tons of new APIs available to the Cartridges SDK, including accessing data from multi-communities, converted discussions and binary file uploads
      • The active community can now be selected directly from the the new discussion dialogue
      • UI improvements to the sidebar
      • Added compatibility for Safari 6.1 and 7.0 (Mac only)
      • Added compatibility for Internet Explorer 11, Windows 8.1 and Enhanced Protected Mode (EPM)


      The following features requires Extended APIs v3 (not yet available):

      • Fixed issues with community names and favicons (Note: when using EAPIs 2.x this feature will be disabled and a Jive icon will be used instead)
      • The item location (group/space/project name) is now displayed in the discussions list
      • The sidebar is now highlighted when visiting a page with existing discussions (requires adding the site to the whitelist in the admin console)
      • Binary file APIs for Cartridges SDK

      You can download JA 2.1 beta from the following links:

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          Looks like another great update Amir Leshem. An important bit that I would like to have added for the next release is that you make the function available in the sdk that pulls the styles with the content for snapshots. This will be useful for a million use cases and will make it so easy to write useful cartridges. I have implemented a basic version of that myself but I was running in browser compatability issues and had to give up. I have made the point to Sagi Eliyahu at JiveWorld as well and he promised to take another look at it with you. Please ask him how to go about it. Thanks, Bernd