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    getting started with jive anywhere cartridges


      Hi guys, I'm working on my first cartridge on jive anywhere I've been reading the next documentation https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-99887 and I'm stuck in these bullets:


      - Join the Jive network (SSID: Jive).

      - Find out what the http:// address of the Jive server.

      - Get an account on the Jive server.


      can someone help me with this or do you know who is member of jive staff, thanks for you help.

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          Ryan Rutan Guru

          Carlos Contreras - These instructions were meant for onsite at JiveWorld13 only.  I am actively working on a generic version that is a bit more independent of that network infrastructure.


          The generic equivalent for these steps require that you have an account on a valid Jive Community running Jive 5, 6 or Cloud (depending on which features you wish to use you may need to be on the latest version).


          At JiveWorld13, we provided an onsite instance where people could signup and test.  If you'd like to do this, we can work with you to use our Developer Sandbox:



          To gain access, simply fill out this form:

          Jive Developers: Register : Developer


          From there, we can coordinate with you to install your Cartridge and you can use that instance to test.  Ideally, if you have access to your own instance, this will be easier, but most people start in the Sandbox.


          Just let me know how we can help you along...and stay tuned for some updates regarding clearer training. =)

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            Thanks Ryan for the clarification I already have an account on sandbox, and definitely I would like to be tuned about the trainings on this topic, what is the next step? I'm wondering if there is any other documentation that I can use